Janet Sierzant

Janet Sierzant was born in Brooklyn, New York. After moving to Georgia, she graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelorís Degree in International Studies. She now lives in Vero Beach. Her first book, Gemini Joe remains under her name, but she has taken on the pen name of Florence St. John.

Books include:
Searching for the Shire which is being revised. It's about a woman in the seventies who choices to be a housewife instead of a career and her challenges in a changing society.

Gemini Joe, Son of a Mobster (Biography) In 1966, my father moved the family from Brooklyn to Long Island, where he pursued a successful career in politics. After fifteen years, the political pressure caused him to struggle with alcohol and he walked away from his job, his house, and his wife. One day he wrote me a letter. It included a poem, which triggered my curiosity, and he agreed to tell me the story of his childhood. By disclosing his dysfunctional roots, I gained insight into his character and was able to put things in prospective. It didnít change who he was as a father, but it gave me a better understanding of the man.

Entangled, My relationship with a Sociopath: Have you ever been swept off your feet by a charming, handsome man, only to find his declarations of love were false? If so, you will be interested to learn that maybe, you were entangled with a sociopath. Some people hear the word sociopath and conjure up the image of a psychopathic killer, but while all psychopaths have sociopathic characteristics, sociopaths do not kill the body. They are killers of souls. Driven by narcissism, they lack a sense of moral responsibility and have no conscience. The definition doesnít come close to what lurks beneath the surface. I know because I got entangled with one. Recently divorced and vulnerable, I was unaware of his motives. It started with ďlove-bombing.Ē Daniel came on strong. He seduced me with texts and phone calls, drawing me into his web until I couldnít think straight. Once he had me where he wanted me, he played on my sentiments to throw me off balance and put my world on the crazy train. Disguised by his upbeat greetings and funny demeanor, his abuse was subtle and hard to pinpoint. I walked around in a fog and functioned, mindlessly accepting his behaviors for fear of causing a rift. Under constant stress and anxiety over losing him, I give Daniel the benefit of the doubt. Doubt! Remember that word. It will drive me to the edge of insanity by the time the relationship is done. Not everyone will understand how he could manipulate and deceive me for so long. They donít know. A sociopath is clever and a master at manipulation. Daniel twisted the truth until I accepted his fabricated reality. I didnít recognize his cunning, devious, and heartless nature. By the time I jumped off the train, I felt used and confused. Itís still hard to believe that the person I loved never really existed. He was a ghost, a man without a soul.

Borderline, The Illusion of Sanity. When I discovered that my daughter was cutting herself, I had to deal with her depression. Unable to understand, I searched for an answer. At the same time, Princess Diana died in a car crash. The news and media focus on Borderline Personality Disorder. The symptoms were familiar and made me wonder if the disorder was hereditary. Forced to take a hard look at the dysfunction that plagues the women in my family, I recounted my own childhood in an attempt to understand the condition. Rooted in codependency, Borderline Personality is a self-esteem disorder, with various degrees of functionality. Due out this year.