Thomas Pine

Author T. H. Pine has previously been known for his horror novels. This is his first foray into the mystery genre. Employing a terse, no-nonsense writing style, he takes the reader on an exciting ride from the first page to the last. Having introduced his popular detective, Cilla Stephenson, in The Pastor and the Private Eye, author T. H. Pine takes her to Miami, Florida, to begin her second case in Season of the Vigilante. “I can understand why authors like to place their stories in tropical settings,” the author states. “There’s a sense of the erotic in a tropical locale, with just a hint of danger beneath. Since Miami is a truly international city, it seems to have that in spades.” He doesn’t plan to stop there with his irrepressible detective, however. “I plan to take Cilla all over the place, wherever there’s a case that strikes her fancy. With a free-lance detective, the sky’s the limit!” Since going on the road full time in 2006, in their RV motor coach, the author and his wife have discovered locales that will make excellent backgrounds for future stories.
T. Howard Dunham loves good horror and likes nothing more than a creepy tale, read on a “dark and stormy night.” His affection for horror led him to author a column for a genre horror, sci-fi, and fantasy magazine, where he laid down the law as to what to look for, and demand in, good horror. Not given to just criticizing others, he writes horror short stories and now this, his first novel of occult erotica, Dark Cult. No longer anchored to a chunk of real estate, he now travels the highways and byways of America, with his wife, in their RV motor coach, looking for new story ideas. You never know what locale may stir his fertile imagination to craft another tale of the macabre.

Crystal, Guardian of Upside-donia - “Hey! We’re not in Evie’s room anymore!” Jordan said this because Evie, Jason and he, along with Crystal, stood smack in the middle of a large desert of blue sand. Looking up, they saw trees—hanging from the clouds in the pink sky!
Thus, we begin the first of three adventures Evie and her two brothers experience in Upsidedonia. Along the way, they learn important lessons about friendship, generosity, courage, faith—and love. Journey along with them and experience the wonders they find, as they travel with Crystal into a rich world of wonder and adventure in Crystal, Guardian of Upsidedonia!
This is author T. H. Pine’s first children’s book. He would like to write more. “I love the possibilities that are inherent in writing books for children. You needn’t fear letting your imagination run free.”

The Pastor and the Private Eye - “You have a right to remain silent…” were words pastor Vint Montrose never thought he’d hear directed at him, but they were all too real as he was bundled into the back of the patrol car—suspect in a grizzly murder. Faced with a murder rap he can’t get out from under, and his small-town pastorate crumbling, things look grim—until a spunky, self-reliant private investigator from Philadelphia arrives at his door. He accepts her help and sets in motion a series of events that lead to secrets that shatter the once-peaceful rural Pennsylvania town he lives in.
The Pastor and the Private Eye is not only a murder mystery, but it is a look into the dark side of human nature. It is also a story of hate, suspicion, trust—and love. It examines the lengths to which people will go to hide the truth and the resourcefulness others will employ to uncover it. It also explodes the myth that rural communities are beyond the heinous horrors of the big city. Yet, through it all, two people discover that they are never beyond the love of God. Mix equal parts of mystery, criminal investigation, and romance, and you have the formula for The Pastor and the Private Eye.

The Season of the Vigilante - After their near-fatal case in Bronson, PA, Cilla and Vint decide to take a honeymoon trip to the Miami area in Cilla’s trusty van, to an inexpensive motel in Sunny Isles, Florida. Little do they suspect that they’ll be involved in a missing persons case for a wealthy, Fort Lauderdale widow. With huge retainers and unlimited expense accounts in mind, the couple gets involved in a convoluted case where little is as it seems.
At the same time, a ruthless vigilante, who calls himself The Arbiter, launches a vendetta that targets the kingpins of the South Florida drug trade. Soon, Cilla and Vint find themselves entangled in The Arbiter’s web. Who is this mysterious vigilante and does he have any connection to the case?
Cilla finds answers to her search in the most unlikely of places. Along the way, circumstances test her marriage and her skill as a detective. What lies at the end of her search profoundly changes more than one life—including hers and Vint’s—during the Season of the Vigilante!

Dark Cult - Are you afraid of needles? Matt was … and it bothered him throughout his life. So, it figured that he would meet a beautiful young woman named Neese, who was all about needles. A chance encounter at a video store (or was it fate?) was the beginning of a bizarre turn of events that led Matt on a journey through the occult, culminating in a confrontation with the forces of Hell.
But thanks to the timely intervention of an unexpected ally, Matt discovers a new direction for his life. His friendship with a woman with the exotic name of Pamati sends him on a new journey, a journey that will teach him who he really is and demonstrate strength in the face of the worst kind of adversity. At the end of his journeys through dark and difficult places, Matt will finally begin to understand the true meaning of commitment, sacrifice, perseverance, hope—and love.
Dark Cult is, more than a mere horror story, a morality tale describing the human condition in all its complexities. Bound by Blood: Crimson Moon - A chance meeting in New York’s Central Park changes the very existence of a creature who has lived the life of the undead for an unimaginably long time, as well as one who has dealt with the curse of too much life. Neither has any idea what their clash will mean for either of them. Ever since the dawn of man, they’ve lived among us, bearing the likeness of humans, but not human at all. Relegated to the shadows, humanity only knew of their existence when they became prey. Yet, their existence would result in an unsuspected, unexpected boon. Bound by Blood: Crimson Moon takes you on an adventure unlike any you’ve imagined. It will challenge what you think you know about vampires and werewolves and take you into heretofore-unexplored territory into a realm of mystery, wonder and unimagined possibilities. Along with that, you’ll find romance, love, commitment and an unquenchable will to live. Come, enter the world of Bound by Blood: Crimson Moon and discover a realm of wonder.