Bob Morrissey

A veteran police officer for thirty-four years on the Toledo Police Department. Was commentated for heroism and outstanding work. Graduated from the University of Toledo. Taught Police Science at the University of Toledo and Owens College. Played football for the University of Toledo, U.S. Army and the Toledo Tornado professional team. Bob loves the humorous side of life and this reflects in his books. He judges his life on how many times he laughs.

Humorous Beat - 39 Actual funny police stories experienced by the author.

2nd Humorous Beat - A follow up book from Humorous Beat. More funny police calls.

A Cop's Gotta Laugh - An outstanding police officer who got fired through no fault of his own. He lost everything he had including his wife. His new outlook on life was, I have a million laughs in this body and I'm going to release every one of them. This made him laugh and forget about his problems but it also caused new ones by being committed to a mental institution. He was thrown out of the hospital because he was driving the psychiatrist crazy. He manages to get through life by his new outlook.

The Vagabonds - 28 football players traveling on an old bus going from city to city and even a penitentiary to play for the love of the game. This was made possible by an alcoholic, ghost and a madam and her girls. Get on this old bus and laugh at the crazy antics this team gets into. Guarantee you'll roar.