Malcom Mahr

You're Retired Now, Relax (Humor and Self Help) $14.95 A lighthearted, helpful book explaining how to successfully manage the insecurity, the struggle, the fun and the adventure of retirement, complete with New Yorker cartoons.

What Makes a Marriage Work (Humor and Self Help) $14.95 A grand collection of fifty valuable insights, explaining how to accept marriage for richer, for poorer, and for laughs, complete with New Yorker cartoons.

Murder at the Paradise Spa (Mystery) $14.95 An elderly, retired psychologist living on the Treasure Coast of Florida confronts a legendary Haitian vampire-werewolf, a loup garou.

The Secret Diary of Marco Polo (Historical Fiction) $14.95 Mysterious drowning in a Florida inlet uncovers a menacing international arms, drug and oil conspiracy.

The Mystery of Da Vinci's Monna Vanna (Historical Fiction) $14.95 A young art professor searches for Leonardo Da Vinciís lost masterpiece, confronting a fanatic religious sect known as the "Holy Madmen."