Peter Haase
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Rostock, City by the Sea (Memoir) The account of a young man growing up in Germany during the Third Reich, as well as the difficult years of the post-war era.

Autumn Leaves (Short Stories) A collection of more than thirty short stories, poems and essays, from the sensitive to the absurd, from outrageously funny to dead serious.

The Gang of Seven (Historical) Life in the aftermath of WWII in Germany. A novel of intrigue, adventure and misadventure in the context of the authentic history of the time.

Eleven Years Afloat Retired from a major far-eastern trading company in New York, Peter Haase begins a life at sea. For one year he sails as crew on several adventurous ocean voyages.
At the age of fifty-seven he decides to buy his own yacht. The author moves on board his sailboat Triton 3 and in Eleven Years Afloat he relates in vivid details his experiences sailing along the Eastern seaboard and the coastal waterways before undertaking the off-shore voyage to the Virgin Islands. Following the pages of his logbooks, he takes the reader through storms at sea and calm passages; to tropical islands and nights in moonlit anchorages; encounters with interesting people as well as lonely times when single-handing in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. His visit to Cuba is one of the many highlights during his sailing years.
ELEVEN YEARS AFLOAT is the fascinating record of the seafaring experiences many dream of, but few realize. Peterís easy, natural style will enthrall sailors, non-sailors and armchair sailors alike.

Call of the Sea (Adventure/Suspense) A vivid description of the authorís experiences in a number of ocean voyages; the delight of sailing, as well as disasters at sea.

Two in the City is the arousing tale of passion and uncertainties between two young people. Tess Castellano is a strikingly beautiful and passionate young woman. Few men can resist her open and frivolous laughter and unbridled sensuality. Jorge Sanchez, of medium height and Latin good looks, is brilliant and determined. From the slums of Harlem, he rises quickly in the corporate world of Manhattan. Will their tumultuous love affair endure the challenges of their diverse backgrounds? While Jorge struggles to shed the memories of poverty and ignorance of his youth, Tess cannot curb her insatiable lust for life. She must face her inner demons when tragedy strikes Jorge in the Andean mountains while on a business trip in South America.

The Bells of St. Luke Father Dominic dies from a fall while winding the ancient clock in the bell tower of St. Luke, and the investigation reveals that it was no accident. Could Vince Ruperti have something to do with it? He hated the priest since his childhood and wished him dead, but is he capable of murder? From the first page the reader is drawn to Vince, a highly intelligent but deeply disturbed individual. The action in this haunting story concentrates on the tormented figure of Vince Ruperti, and when Father Sebastian, the new young priest is found bludgeoned to death, Vince once more is implicated. Wracked by recurring phases of delusion alternating with sanity and guilt, confusion and paranoia, he struggles to bring order to his tortured mind.