Peter Genero

Handbook for Lectors (Religious) A training manual for church lectors, covering preparation, use of microphone, voice, acoustics, comportment, appearance, and a pronunciation guide.

Thank Rosendale (Historical) In 1776 New York ranked only 7th among the 13 original colonies. After 100 years it was the wealthiest, most populous industrialized state in the nation. It began with the discovery of Gray Gold in Rosendale.

Reminiscences of the 20th Century, VOL I (History/Memoirs) The Great Depression, World War II, South Pacific, The Great Los Angeles Air Raid, Occupation of Japan, Iceland, Berlin Wall, UFO's, SPUTNIK, Bay of Pigs, Crisis in Panama, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Reminiscences of the 20th Century, VOL II (History/Memoirs) Vietnam and Iran, Florida's Economic Development with Governor Askew and Governor Graham, Importing and Exporting, Opportunities in Florida, Condominium and Country Club Living in Florida.